About Us

About Us

At Key Haven Estates we specialise in lettings and property management in London for both private and housing clients. Whatever your needs are, we have an unwavering commitment to achieving the best results for all our landlords and tenants.

Our Mission

Key Haven Estates was founded to offer quality lettings & management services in London that are unmatched anywhere else. With our laser like focus on becoming the leading experts in housing & private properties, we have signed up thousands of tenants for satisfied landlords across London. 

Our Vision

To transform communities we serve and do everything we can to help our clients, agents, and staff members reap benefits from using our services. We absolutely love working with people who are driven and hard-working while also generously giving back to their communities.

Our Values

We are committed to continue to serve landlords and tenants alike with the same dedication that has brought our clients such fantastic results thus far. Buying, selling or letting property doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ve  had the pleasure of helping clients with the purchase of their properties by advising them on the various buying or selling methods and assisting them in finding the ideal space at the appropriate price.